Maryland Robotics Center Postdoctoral Fellowships are awarded annually for a period of one year. Fellowship announcements when posted can be found on the Maryland Robotics Center website under Employment and the University of Maryland e-jobs site.

MRC Postdoctoral Fellowships are awarded in the following eight research areas:

  • Autonomous Systems
  • Bio-Inspired Robotics
  • Cognitive Robotics
  • Extreme Robotics
  • Human Robot Interaction
  • Medical Robotics
  • Miniature Robotics
  • Multirobot Systems

Current and Former MRC Postdoctoral Fellows

Cong Wei

Project title: Cooperative Control of a Mobile Sensor Network in a Dynamic Environment

Faculty advisor: Derek Paley

Shuaiming He

Project title: Machine Learning-Driven Discovery of Wood-Based Soft Robotics

Krishna Kidambi

Project title: Real-time System Identification and Control Using a Digital Twin

Faculty advisor: Mumu Xu

Georgios Kontoudis

Project title: Informative path planning methodologies for large scale multi-robot systems with limited inter-vehicle communication

Faculty advisor: Michael Otte

Krishna Kidambi, Cong Wei, and Georgios Kontoudis are supported by the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) under the ArtIAMAS cooperative agreement.

Seyede Ghoreishi

Project title: Optimized Design of Soft Robotics for Medical Applications

Faculty advisors: Mark FugeAxel Krieger and Ryan Sochol 

Mukulika Ghosh

Poject title: Functional Inoperable Compiler

Faculty advisor: Bill Regli

Krishna Kidambi

Project title: Vision-based Control for Autonomous Navigation

Faculty advisors: Yiannis AloimonosCornelia Fermuller and Mumu Xu

Behzad Sadrfaridpour

Project title: Detecting and Monitoring Oyster Population-Generation of Size and Frequency Maps of Oysters in the Chesapeake Bay

Faculty advisors: Yiannis Aloimonos, Yang Tao and Miao Yu

Ahmed Ramadan

Project title: Soft Tactile Sensing for Therapeutic Robotics

Faculty advisors: Elizabeth Smela and Anindo Roy

Behzad Sadrfaridpour

Project title: Modularizing Fine-Motor Actions for Collaborative Robots-Improving Tactile Perception and Grasping Manipulation

Faculty advisors: Yiannis Aloimonos and Cornelia Fermuller

Hamed Saeidi

Project title: Intelligent Robotic Systems for Damage Control Surgery

Faculty advisor: Axel Krieger and Nikhil Chopra

Artur Wolek

Project title: Multi-Vehicle Sensing and Control with Autonomous Aerial Robots

Faculty advisor: Derek Paley and Timothy Horiuchi