Research activities in all aspects of robotics

Highlights of MRC Faculty Publications MRC Time Capsule 2010-2020

Multirobot Systems

Bio-inspired robotics concepts; time-delayed robotics; robotic swarms; robotic cooperation under limited communication; distributed robotics; and crowd and multi-agent simulation.

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Medical Robotics

MRI-compatible surgical robotics; haptics-enabled AFM; and exoskeletons for rehabilitation.

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Miniature Robotics

Mesoscale robots; bio-inspired sensing, actuation, and locomotion; cell manipulation (optical, AFM based, and micro fluidics); and micro and nano manipulation (optical and magnetic).

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Extreme Robotics

Space robotics and autonomous deep-submergence sampling systems.

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Autonomous Systems

Micro air vehicles; uncrewed sea surface vehicles; uncrewed underwater vehicles; planetary surface rovers;  and robot motion planning.

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Cognitive Robotics

Endowing a robot with intelligent behavior by providing it with a processing architecture that allows it to learn and reason about how to behave in response to complex goals in a complex world. Cognitive robots integrate perception, cognition, and action.

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Bio-Inspired Robotics

Robots inspired by biological forms. Bio-inspired design and manufacturing; artificial muscles; adaptive control of bio-inspired robots; biosensors; soft robots; swarming; co-robotics; multifunctional materials and structures; biomaterials; biolocomotion; energy harvesting; autonomy; humanoid robots; and modular robots.

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Human Robot Interaction

Human-robot collaboration; human behavior modeling; human-robot communication; learning and cognition; planning and re-planning; and management of trust and its effects on collaboration.

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