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Autonomous Micro Air Vehicle (AMAV) Team
Team advisor: Dr. Derek Paley
Competition participation: 
Micro UAV Drone Competition
Team experience: Creating and flying autonomous quadrotor UAVs capable of obstacle course navigation and delivery/pickup task completion
To apply, contact team advisor.
University of Maryland Drone Racing
Team advisor: Dr. Mumu Xu
Competition participation: Collegiate Drone Racing Championships
Team experience: Building quadrotor UAVs that can autonomously compete drone racing courses at the speed and precision of human-controlled racers
To apply, contact team advisor.
Robotics @ Maryland
Team advisor: Dr. Dave Akin
Competition participation: 
Space/Extreme Environment AUV Competition
Team experience: Designing autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) that can perform tasks and complete obstacles in an extreme, space-simulated environment. 
To apply, contact team advisor.
Team advisor: Dr. Christopher Cadou
Competition participation: Spaceport America Cup
Team experience: Protoyping and building high powered rockets to compete at the Spaceport America Cup, the world's largest intercollegiate rocket engineering competition.
To apply, please visit the team website.
Leatherbacks Combat Robotics
Competition participation: Showcase of Combat Robotics at Maryland (SCR@M)
Team experience: UMD's official combat robotics club that design, build, and fight their own robots.
To apply, please visit the team website.

Team 1727 Robotics Team
Dulaney High School
Competition participation: FIRST Robotics Competition

47 Beavers Robotics Club
Poolesville High School
Competition participation: FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)

Air Tiger 8197 Robotics Team
Duval High School
Competition participation: FIRST Robotics Competition

Capitol City Robotics
About: A non-profit program that provides underrepresented students access and education to STEM principles through robotics engineering and computer science
Competition participation: VEX DC League, FIRST LEGO Competition

The Maryland Robotics Center sponsors student teams that enter robotics competitions. MRC funding may be used for travel, materials, and other costs associated with participation in the competition. Best consideration is given to UMD student teams, although local K-12 robotics clubs are eligible to apply for funding. 

How to Apply: Send a request to with a statement describing the team, the robotics competition, and how MRC funds would be used. 

Recipients of MRC Conference Travel Awards and Robotics Team Sponsorships should acknowledge the Maryland Robotics Center where applicable in their presentation and/or competition materials. Recipients are also invited to give a presentation about their paper or competition as part of the MRC Student Seminar Series. Sponsored teams should provide the competition results to MRC, including the names of the winning teams, list of team members, and photos for use on the MRC website and social media.