MRC Education Advisory Board

Will Becker

Principal Engineer
Robotic Research (RR.AI)

Craig Carignan

Associate Research Scientist

Jeff Chandler

Easton Robotics, LLC

Henrik I. Christensen

Contextual Robotics Institute, UC San Diego

John P. Crupi

Chief Robot Officer
Kick Robotics, LLC

Timothy Chung

General Manager for Autonomy and Robotics
Strategic Missions and Technologies Division, Microsoft

Cory Hayes

Computer Scientist
Army Research Laboratory (ARL)

Adrienne Raglin

Electronics Engineer
Army Research Laboratory (ARL)

Yash Salve

Controls Engineer
Tesla Motors

Christopher Silvia

Test and Data Engineer
Humatics Corporation

Don Sofge

Computer Scientist
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Evandro Valente

CTO & Co-Founder
Airgility, Inc