Fermüller and Muresanu VAIolin work featured in Maryland Today

The work of ISR-affiliated Cornelia Fermüller (UMIACS) and Irina Muresanu of ARHU/UMIACS was featured in the daily online University of Maryland digest, Maryland Today, on Feb. 23. The pair recently received a UMD Grand Challenges Team Project Grant, “Music Education for All through AI.”

They are developing VAIolin, an artificial intelligence platform to democratize music education and the mechanism of learning an instrument. The AI will assist the process of mastering principles and skills, facilitating self-analysis, and enhancing independent learning. They hope to reach the underrepresented student population with music education while developing new technology for teaching and learning.

View the original story at Maryland Today.

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Many thanks to Maria Herd of UMIACS, who produced this video.


Published February 23, 2023