Ganguly, Fiaz, Suryan are first MRC GRA recipients

The Maryland Robotics Center’s new MRC Graduate Research Assistantship Program is open to mid-career UMD Ph.D. students whose advisors are members of the Maryland Robotics Center. Each year, the program will provide up to three 12-month graduate research assistantships. The first recipients of this award for the academic year 2021–2022 are:

•  Kanishka Ganguly, Computer Science Department, advised by Professor Yiannis Aloimonos and Associate Research Scientist Cornelia Fermüller

•  Usman Fiaz, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, advised by Professor John Baras

•  Varun Suryan, Computer Science Department, advised by Assistant Professor Pratap Tokekar

Congratulations to these students!

Applicants must be full-time students involved in ongoing research and their research must fall into one or more of the following research areas: multi-robot systems, medical robotics, miniature robotics, robotics for extreme environments, autonomous unmanned systems, bioinspired robotics, cognitive robotics or human-robot interaction. The assistantships provide a 12-month salary and benefits and follow established UMD GRA guidelines. Learn more about the program here.

Published March 12, 2021