Graduate Degree Programs

The Master of Engineering program in robotics is designed to meet educational needs of engineering professionals currently working in or wishing to enter the rapidly developing field of robotic and autonomous systems. Our program is interdisciplinary in nature, emphasizes systems thinking, and offers flexibility of concentration in a variety of areas. Our courses are taught by faculty and professionals at the forefront of advances in robotics. These courses involve on-campus learning with live online streaming and the option for later viewing.

The Graduate Certificate program in robotics is designed to meet supplemental educational needs of engineering professionals seeking to obtain added credentials in robotics. The certificate requires completion of four introductory graduate level courses. Certificate credits can be applied towards the Master of Engineering degree.

The Master of Science in Systems Engineering (MSSE) degree offers courses concentrated on a systems perspective and the ability to apply powerful model-based design and analysis methodologies to complex systems and services. Robotics is one of 10 application specialization areas offered in the degree.

MSSE students are exposed to essential systems engineering principles, software tools for modeling and optimization, decision and risk analysis, stochastic analysis and human factors engineering. They learn to analyze financial and management issues associated with complex engineering systems and services. They receive training in systems engineering methodologies and sophisticated mathematical, computational and software tools for end-to-end development of engineering applications and problem solving. This includes models and simulations of complex engineering systems, algorithms and processes in system architecture development, and systems design using multi-objective trade-off analysis and optimization. The degree offers a balanced program of engineering, business and management processes, human and other constraining factors, public policy and law.