Maryland Robotics Student Seminar: Docker 101 for Fun and Profit

Friday, April 15, 2022
2:00 p.m.
Lena Johnson
301 405 8870

Fast and Replicable Deployment of Robotics Software: Docker 101 for Fun and Profit

Kanishka Ganguly
PhD. Candidate, Computer Science
Advisor: Yiannis Aloimonos 


Robotics applications are best described as a spaghetti of different softwares and dependencies, with an underlying foundation of ROS middleware. Setting up all these requirements for each project becomes a massive undertaking, which needs to be repeated with each new project. Also, given today's academic landscape requiring replicable models, data and demos, it becomes even more important that your work can be distributed and run across multiple machines without extensive setup or modifications.

This is where Docker saves the day, and a lot of time. As part of this talk, we will explore the fundamentals of Docker, how it plays into the robotics application development pipeline, and some best practices on how to write and run your own Docker environments, with an explicit focus on ROS based projects.

About the Robotics Student Seminars
The Robotics Student Seminars at the University of Maryland College Park are a student-run series of talks given by current robotics students.

The purpose of these talks is to:

  • Encourage interaction between Robotics students from different subfields;
  • Provide an opportunity for Robotics students to be aware of and possibly get involved in the research their peers are conducting;
  • Provide an opportunity for Robotics students to receive feedback on their current research;
  • Provide speaking opportunities for Robotics students.

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