CANCELED: Maryland Robotics Center Seminar: 3D Nanoprinted Microcapsules

Friday, April 24, 2020
2:00 p.m.
3137 Brendan Iribe Center
Lena Johnson
301 405 8870

Maryland Robotics Center Seminar

Toward 3D Nanoprinted Microcapsules For Controlled Drug Delivery

Ruben Acevedo

Ph.D Student, Mechanical Engineering

Advisor: Dr. Ryan Sochol


Here we introduce a novel strategy for manufacturing three-dimensional (3D) multi-material drug delivery microcapsules with modified release via two-photon direct laser writing (DLW).  There is growing interest in delayed-release approaches for drug delivery, particularly for treatments in which overdosage can be fatal.  Although recent efforts have suggested that DLW is uniquely suited for emerging drug delivery applications, creating DLW-based mechanisms that facilitate designed time delays for drug release has remained a critical challenge.  To overcome this barrier, here we present a hybrid DLW-microfluidic approach for printing 3D microcapsules comprising: (i) a capsule “shell” – which includes a top orifice – that degrades over a relatively long time span, (ii) a “cap” with customizable thickness (and thus, tunable degradation time), which is printed directly atop the orifice and degrades at a faster rate than the shell, and (iii) a core of a liquid-phase drug.  

In this work, we investigate the relationship between capsule orifice size and drug encapsulation efficacy.  Fabrication and experimental results for surrogate materials (e.g., methylene blue-dyed liquid) revealed that orifice diameters (D) ≥ 6 μm exhibited poor drug retention, while = 2 μm led to successful drug encapsulation.  These result suggest that the presented 3D microcapsules hold promise for drug delivery applications that require precise dosage, such as for cancer vaccines.

About the Robotics Student Seminars

The Robotics Student Seminars at the University of Maryland College Park are a student-run series of talks given by current robotics students.

The purpose of these talks is to:

  • Encourage interaction between Robotics students from different subfields;
  • Provide an opportunity for Robotics students to be aware of and possibly get involved in the research their peers are conducting;
  • Provide an opportunity for Robotics students to receive feedback on their current research;
  • Provide speaking opportunities for Robotics students.

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