Bruck, Hugh

Bruck, Hugh
Department of Mechanical Engineering
2174 Glenn L. Martin Hall, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742
Research Interests 
New techniques for rapid manufacturing and characterization of functionally graded, multifunctional, biologically-inspired, and nanocomposite materials,Controlled formation of functionally graded and transversely modulated heterophase structures in thin films through diffusion and epitaxial principles,Fundamental mechanical characterization and modeling of static and dynamic failure mechanisms in composite materials,Development of new nanomechanical and multiscale characterization methods for composite materials and thin films,New techniques for manufacturing Point-of-Care microfluidic devices using laminated object manufacturing and laser micromachining,New biosensing principles for Point-of-Care microfluidic devices using optical methods and nanocomposite materials,Development of multifunctional skins and compliant structures for robotics
Multi-functional Polymer and Polymer Composite Structures
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Gupta, Bruck, Bejgerowski, Gerdes, Wilkerson win ASME Best Paper Award
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Hugh Bruck Promoted to Full Professor
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