Semi-Autonomous Systems Laboratory


The Semi-Autonomous Systems Lab focuses on developing a comprehensive framework for semi-autonomous coordination of networked robotic systems. Semi-autonomous robotic systems are composed of robotic systems that not only coordinate with each other but also with human operators that control the higher level decision making in the overall system. The development of these systems requires fundamental advances in the field of telerobotics and cooperative and network control of robotic systems. The purpose of this lab is to develop fundamental advances in control algorithms and methodologies to address these problems.

Research Focus

  • Network Control of Robotic Systems
  • Cooperative Control of Robotic Systems
  • Control of Wireless Sensor and Robotic Networks
  • Bilateral Teleoperation
  • Computational Frameworks for Semi-Autonomous Control


The laboratory houses a testbed composed of networked Phantom Omni haptic devices. This setup is used to carry out experiments in networked control, cooperative control and bilateral teleoperation. Furthermore, iRobot Create mobile robotic systems are also used in this experimental setup. 

Contact Information

Nikhil Chopra
Associate Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Institute for Systems Research
301-405-7011 |