Travel and Competition Sponsorship

MRC Conference Travel Awards

Conference travel support is available from the Maryland Robotics Center to mitigate travel costs for students who present a robotics research paper at an academic conference. 
How to Apply:  Send a request to with (1) the name, location and date of conference; (2) the title and list of authors of the paper; (3) the name and affiliation of the student’s advisor; and (4) confirmation that the paper has been accepted for presentation by the student. The student advisor should be copied on the request. Best consideration for travel support will be given to students who are the first author of the paper.
If awarded funding, students must submit an ISR travel request form prior to travel. Travel-related purchases on personal credit cards must be approved by the ISR business office. For more information on the UMD travel rules and regulations, contact Ms. Carla Scarbor, 2164 AV Williams, tel.: 301.405.3800, email:  

MRC Robotics Team Sponsorships 

The Maryland Robotics Center sponsors student teams that enter robotics competitions. MRC funding may be used for travel, materials, and other costs associated with participation in the competition. Best consideration is given to UMD student teams, although local K-12 robotics clubs are eligible to apply for funding. 
How to Apply: Send a request to with a statement describing the team, the robotics competition, and how MRC funds would be used. 

Acknowledgement of MRC Sponsorship 

Recipients of MRC Conference Travel Awards and Robotics Team Sponsorships should acknowledge the Maryland Robotics Center where applicable in their presentation and/or competition materials. Recipients are also invited to give a presentation about their paper or competition as part of the MRC Student Seminar Series. Sponsored teams should provide the competition results to MRC, including the names of the winning teams, list of team members, and photos for use on the MRC website and social media.