Robotics, Automation, and Medical Systems Laboratory (RAMS)


The Robotics, Automation, and Medical Systems Laboratory (RAMS) is within the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the A. James Clark School of Engineering at University of Maryland, College Park. It focuses primarily on research in the areas of Medical Robotics both at the micro-scale and macro-scale.

Research focus areas

Specifically, RAMS laboratory research is targeted towards:

  • Image-guided Surgical Robotics
  • Haptic (sense of touch) feedback interfaces for Robot-assisted Surgery
  • Reality-based soft-tissue modeling for Surgical Simulation
  • Model-based Teleoperation in Robot-assisted Surgery
  • Understanding lineage differentiation in embryonic stem cells through minimally invasive mechanical interactions with applications in regenerative medicine

Major equipment

Below is an itemized list of the major equipment in the RAMS laboratory.

  1. Asylum Research Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) - Model: MFP-3D-BIO
  2. JR3 Force Sensors
  3. Claron Technology Imaging System
  4. Shape memory alloy (SMA) training equipment including oven
  5. Vision Hardware such as cameras and frame grabbers
  6. BumbleBee System by Point Grey Research
  7. Two PHANToM Haptic Feedback Devices
  8. Scope, Logic Analyzer, and Function generators
  9. Two Mitsubishi PA-10 Robot arms
  10. dSPACE DS1103 Controller Board for data acquisition and control
  11. Nikon TE-2000U inverted microscope with various objectives and accessories such as Epi-fluorescence and Nomarski Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) capability and Image Pro software for image processing
  12. Micropipette puller with Microbeveler and associated accessories from WPI, Inc.
  13. Vibration Isolation (Air table) with associated accessories
  14. Active vibration isolation platform
  15. Acoustic isolation chamber
  16. In-vivo and ex-vivo soft-tissue property measurement apparatus
  17. Biosafety hood and Freezer

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