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Maryland Robotics Center news archives: Timothy Horiuchi

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New AFOSR NIFTI Center features eight Clark School faculty
Center will create bio-inspired solutions for small, remotely operated aircraft.  More »

MERIT-BIEN and TREND Fair Showcases Undergraduate Research
More than 20 undergraduate students participate in research projects sponsored by ECE and IREAP.  More »

Telluride newspaper writes about Neuromorphic Cognition Engineering Workshop
ISR faculty, staff, students key to the workshop's planning and organization.  More »

Horiuchi, Baras, Humbert participating in Department of Defense MURI projects
Projects focus on autonomous unmanned aircraft vehicle systems.  More »

Horiuchi, Humbert Developing Bio-Inspired Navigation for Micro Air Vehicles
PANOPTIS system uses both echolocation and optic flow sensors.  More »

P.S. Krishnaprasad gives Bode Lecture
Winner of 2007 Bode Prize spoke at 46th IEEE CDC Conference.  More »

Wired magazine discovers Horiuchi research
Micro-air vehicle projects profiled in "Danger Room" national security blog.  More »

Stealth strategy paper by Justh, Krishnaprasad published
Researchers develop simple model that represents the engagement of pursuing bats and their insect prey  More »

Horiuchi, Shamma labs cited by IEEE Spectrum magazine
The flagship publication for electrical engineers names them on "leading labs" list  More »

Horiuchi featured in Scientific American
Article highlights his research into sonar chips modeled on bat echolocation  More »

Horiuchi, Krishnaprasad receive $286,000 AFOSR grant
Research to focus on "Neuromorphic VSLI-Based Bat Echolocation for Micro-Aerial Vehicle Guidance"  More »

Moss and Horiuchi receive five-year, $1.6 million grant
NIH's grant was awarded for their work in "Dynamic Sensorimotor Control for Spatial Orientation"  More »

Moss, Horiuchi win $1.6 million NIH grant
Research to study the integration of auditory information with motor programs for spatially-guided behavior in mammals.  More »

Cheely, Horiuchi?s honored for Best Paper
Paper titled, ?A VLSI Model of Range-Tuned Neurons in the Bat Echolocation System?  More »

Shamma, Horiuchi, Baras, Krishnaprasad, Moss awarded acoustic sensors contract
Team will develop intelligent and noise-robust interfaces for MEMS acoustic sensors for DARPA  More »


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