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Maryland Robotics Center news archives: S.K. Gupta

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ARC Lab holds inaugural open house
Lab conducts research in aunonomy, robotics and cognition.  More »

UMD President Loh hosts robotics demonstrations at University House
Maryland Robotics Center shows a variety of robotic platforms.  More »

Virtual Demonstrations and Crowdsourcing Could Lead Advancements in Autonomous Robots
UMD researchers discuss new approaches to imitation learning for robots in ASME's Mechanical Engineering's September issue.  More »

Students present final projects for 2014 NSF Microrobotics REU
Research ranged from robotic skin to leg designs, inertial tail actuators, and more.  More »

Bio-inspired robots storm local library
UMD researchers demonstrated robots that can fly, swim, walk, and even climb stairs.  More »

Greg Krummel wins Outstanding Research Award for Robo Crab
ME senior wins Engineering Honors Program Outstanding Research Award.  More »

S.K. Gupta interviewed for robotics story in The Economist
Article makes the case that the advent of robotics is here.  More »

Robo Raven appears on 60 Minutes
Segment explores the domestic use of micro air vehicles.  More »

Derek Paley wins PECASE Award
ISR/AE faculty member has research interests in dynamics and control.  More »

Sarah Bergbreiter wins PECASE Award
ISR/ME faculty member specializes in microrobotics.  More »

Robo Raven highlighted in children's magazine
Les Explorateurs features cartoon depiction of the MAV.  More »

Exaggerated gait allows limbless R2G2 robot to move quickly in confined spaces, rough terrain
See this robot in action at Maryland Robotics Day, October 25.  More »

Robo Raven III harnesses solar power
Multifunctional wings will help robotic birds fly longer, farther and more independently.  More »

Gupta research group wins three awards at ASME IDETC/CIE
Awards include 'Excellence in Research,' best paper and best dissertation.  More »

New Robo Raven video highlights aerobatic moves
Two Robo Raven UAVs demonstrate their versatility and agility in new YouTube video.  More »

Robo Raven flies live on Fox 5 TV
Research team demonstrates breakthrough MAV technology  More »

Martins, Gupta, Aloimonos speak at 'Fostering Excellence in Robotics'
Workshop at American Control Conference introduced high school students to robotics.  More »

Luke Roberts awarded NSF Graduate Fellowship
Ph.D. student is part of the Robo Raven project.  More »

Sagar Chowdhury wins ISR graduate student award
Chowdhury?s research focuses on optical tweezers.  More »

Pioneering flight of ?Robo Raven? is major breakthrough for micro air vehicles
Robotic bird's independently controllable wings makes more realistic flight maneuvers possible.  More »

NIH awards $2M grant to Desai, Gullapalli and Simard for surgical robot
MINIR project could improve outcomes for brain cancer patients.  More »

Faculty Members Take On New Responsibilities
Flatau, Martins, Kofinas to serve Clark School in new roles; Gupta to lead NSF initiative.  More »

Miniature Robotics REU students give final presentations
Ten undergrads from around the country give talks on their summer projects.  More »

'Open-source' robot offers new opportunities for education
Maryland Robotics Center offers free design elements to build crocodile robot.  More »

Paper on stair-climbing robot wins award at CLAWAR 2012
Paper by Brewer, Kaipa and Gupta wins runner-up award for best paper.  More »

ISR welcomes 10 REU microbotics students for the summer
Students will develop interdisciplinary research projects in 10-week program.  More »

Maryland Robotics Center featured on live TV broadcast
Robots from five research groups help promote Maryland Day activities.  More »

YouTube channel highlights Maryland Robotics Center research
More than 50 videos available to view.  More »

Robotics featured in Sept. 30 issue of The Diamondback
Maryland Robotics Center faculty are interviewed.  More »

S.K. Gupta wins Kos Ishii-Toshiba Award
ASME award recognizes optimization and modeling contributions to product development.  More »

New REU site to offer research opportunities in miniature robotics
Sarah Bergbreiter is principal investigator for NSF program.  More »

Article by Gupta and students named a 'most-cited paper' by Bioinspiration & Biomimetics
?A survey of snake-inspired robot designs? is one of 10 'most-cited' papers in the journal over the past two years.  More »

Robotics forum opens doors to collaboration
Event draws UMD officials and robotics researchers.  More »

Maryland students impress at National Robotics Week
Projects highlight Maryland Robotics Center research.  More »

Techno-Sciences, Inc. sponsoring robotics seminars
Funding brings well-known robotics experts to campus for special lectures.  More »

2010 Maryland Robotics Day draws large crowd
Government officials, industry representatives, prospective students attend Maryland Robotics Day.  More »

Gupta, Bruck, Bejgerowski, Gerdes, Wilkerson win ASME Best Paper Award
Research on MAV flapping-wing drive mechanism is cited at Mechanism and Robotics Conference.  More »

ISR announces creation of Maryland Robotics Center
Center will advance the university's research in robotic systems, underlying component technologies, and applications of robotics.  More »

S.K. Gupta quoted in Science News article
Maryland Robotics Center director comments on biological discovery that could aid in design of soft-bodied robots.  More »

Article by Gupta, Hopkins and Spranklin selected as a 'Highlight of 2009'
The journal Bioinspiration & Biomimetics includes review of snake-inspired robots in its 'best of' collection.  More »

S.K. Gupta awarded NSF grant for autonomous optical manipulation of cells
Researchers will develop a system that features holographic optical tweezers.  More »

Ornithopter, optical microsensor win ISR seed grants
Research by Bergbreiter, Gupta, Ghodssi and Culver to be given one-year funding.  More »

S.K. Gupta?s group pioneers new development in drive mechanisms for ornithopters
Next-generation micro air vehicles feature folding-wing technology.  More »

S.K. Gupta and teammates win 2007 'Invention of the Year' physical science award
Gupta also finalist in information science category; Gary Rubloff finalist in physical science.  More »

Minimally Invasive Neurosurgical Intracranial Robot (ISR IP)
This IP is available to license.  More »

Gupta quoted in story on biologically inspired robots
Speaks to recent advances in micro-fabrication  More »

Gupta, Ghodssi, Shapiro part of $3 million micro air vehicles MURI
April 2004?ISR faculty will be working on "Micro Hovering Air Vehicles: Revolutionary Concepts and Navigation Advancements"  More »


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