Medical Robotics and Equipment Laboratory

The Medical Robotics and Equipment Lab focuses on developing robots and tool for smart autonomous surgery. Smart surgeries provide surgeons with the highest quality diagnostic images during surgery, prepare surgeons with the most realistic surgical plans and information, and replace critical portions of manual surgery with robotic precision. The benefits are reduced variability and complications, accelerated or eliminated learning curves, and enabling of novel surgeries and procedures. Smart surgical systems require fundamental advances in tool and device design, imaging and tracking, and robot control.  
  • Semi-autonomous and autonomous control of medical robots
  • Integrated medical device and tool design
  • Surgical imaging and tracking
  • Surgical planning and implant design
  • 3D printing in medicine

The laboratory houses several custom designed and commercial surgical robots including two KUKA MED robots, Universal Robotics UR-5, and a Da Vinci robot and is equipped with state-of-the-art color, near infrared, and 3D cameras, and NDI optical trackers.  The lab includes a 200 square feet bio safety laboratory for tissue experiments.

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Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
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