robotRobotics research lab tours

At Maryland Robotics Day, you will be able to tour laboratory facilities and see research in many different areas of robotics.

The laboratories and research you'll be able to see will be listed below as they become available. Be sure to visit the web sites of these labs to learn about their work before you visit. Check this page frequently, as demonstrations and locations will be added in the weeks preceding Maryland Robotics Day, and are subject to change.

This list was last updated on Oct. 23, 2013.







Lab tours and demonstrations


Faculty member Location Research
CDCL Motion Capture Studio
Derek Paley  Manufacturing Building high bay area ground and aerial robots  
Collective Dynamics and Control Lab   Derek Paley   Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility   underwater robots  
Space Systems Laboratory   Dave Akin   Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility  Free-flying spacecraft in underwater simulation
Deep submergence sample collection robot
Student projects in autonomous underwater robotics
Advanced Robotics Development Lab (Space Systems Lab) Dave Akin   1309 Jeong H Kim Bldg Dexterous manipulation
Planetary mobility platforms
Human-robotic collaboration
Medical rehabilitation robotics
Free-flying spacecraft in flat-floor simulation  
Autonomous Vehicle Laboratory Sean Humbert 3139 Kim Bldg

Waypoint tracking with a quadrotor
Infrared camera
Quadrotor flight demonstrations

BAE Controls Lab Gil Blankenship 3209 Kim Building Undergraduate students from the ECE capstone course 408I "Autonomous Robotics" will demonstrate their robotics projects.
Active Logic, Metacognitive Computation, and Mind Laboratory Don Perlis Kim Building rotunda See the vision for an autonomous mobile robotic system that learns about itself and its environment, carries out tasks based on that learning, and autonomously discovers errors and makes corrections
Cooperative Autonomy Laboratory   Nuno Martins and Pamela Abshire   2158 AV Williams Bldg  

Coordinated control and tracking of small robots
Hybrid robotic networks: quadrotor and ground robot coordination  

Intelligent Servosystems Laboratory  
(afternoon only)
P. S. Krishnaprasad   2210 AV Williams Bldg   Cyclic Pursuit and Nonlinear Dynamics of Collective Behavior
Synthetic Flocking and Biologically Plausible
Feedback Laws
Inverse Problems and Natural Collective Behavior  
Cognitive Robotics Group, UMIACS  Cornelia Fermuller & Yiannis Aloimonos   4468 AV Williams Bldg   A cognitive robot that interprets actions of manipulation 
Biodynamics Lab Wolfgang Losert 0205 Energy Research Facility (IREAP) Robotic optical hands for automated manipulation of biological cells
Simulation-Based System Design Lab SK Gupta

0113 Engineering Annex Bldg

--Mission Planning for Unmanned Surface Vehicles
--Safe Human Robot Interaction for Assembly Operations
--Learning Obstacle Avoidance Behavior for Unmanned Ground Vehicles from Human Demonstrations

Micro Robotics Lab   Sarah Bergbreiter All demos are in the Robot Realization Lab, 0307 Engineering Annex Bldg   TinyTeRPs: Tiny Terrestrial Robotic Platforms
Jumping Microrobots
Polymer Microactuators
Tactile Sensors for Robots
Low power micromotors for micro and milli robots
A bio-inspired tail for controlling flapping micro air vehicles
A 6 gram running robot  
Robot Realization Lab Sarah Bergbreiter, S.K. Gupta 0307 Engineering Annex Bldg

Demonstrations of micro robots (see above)

--NaviGator: Alligator-Inspired Robot
--SCALE Bot: Stair Climbing Robot
--R2G2: Robot with Rectilinear Gait for Ground Operations
--Robo Raven III: Micro Air Vehicle with Solar Flapping Wings
--RoboTerp: Quadrupedal Amphibious Robot

Collaborative Robotics Laboratory John Baras 0200 Engineering Annex Bldg Demonstrations of gesture-activated SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) and follow-the-leader.
Sensors and Actuators Lab   Miao Yu   2132 Martin Hall   Fly ear-inspired sensors for acoustic homing and localization
Fiber optic tweezers for particle manipulations
Multifunctional system-on-a-chip sensor platform
Semi-Autonomous Systems Lab   Nikhil Chopra   0107 Glenn L. Martin Hall  Teleoperated Robots
Synchronized Robots
Cooperative Control of Networked Ground Robots  
Robotics, Automation, and Medical Systems Lab Jaydev P. Desai 1177 Engineering Lab Bldg

MINIR, the MRI-compatible robot for neurosurgery
MRI-compatible Biopsy/RFA robot
Micro-scale tissue
characterization for breast cancer
Steerable needles
Passive grasping